What's new in NetVizura version 5.1.0 Beta:

Dear clients,

if you decide to try Netizura 5.1 Beta please make sure NOT TO ACTIVATE option "Clean data in PostgreSQL database" until the data migration tool is not available.

For questions, please contact sales@netvizura.com, and for installation support@netvizura.com.

Sincerely yours, 

NetVizura team


  • CentOS 9 distribution is now supported
  • Debian 11 distribution is now supported
  • Ubuntu 22 distribution is now supported
  • Many existing NetFlow Analyzer functionalities have been transitioned to modern technologies compared to NetVizura 5.0 Beta 
  • Dashboard Beta is now main dashboard, and it is no longer in beta phase
  • Minor bugfixes were made

We still have some work to do before having our NetFlow Analyzer completely modernized. However, we will not keep you waiting long. Stable version with fresh looking functionalities that you already enjoy using, accompanied with some new and cool features is coming by the end of this year. So, stay in touch!