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NetFlow users can view and NetFlow administrator can add, edit, delete or clone a Traffic Pattern.

Traffic Patterns allow you custom monitoring of any specific traffic type you want, independently of your physical infrastructure. For example:

  • All traffic - comes predefined (entire network overview)
  • Internet traffic (with external network)
  • Email traffic (with your email server)
  • Social networks (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Blocked traffic (sent to Null interface)

To create new or configure existing Traffic Patterns, go to  > Settings > NetFlow Settings > Patterns.

NetVizura NetFlow - Traffic Patterns Configuration

To create a new Traffic Pattern, click +Add

 Adding a Traffic Pattern consists of four steps:


It usually takes 10 minutes for NetFlow Analyzer to aggregate and show the statistics for the new Traffic Pattern.

In case Exporter filter is used in the Traffic Pattern definition and the Exporter IP address changes, you will have  to manually update it in the Traffic Pattern definition.

If you are not familiar with Traffic Patterns, go to article Traffic Patterns and then proceed to Traffic Pattern Examples.
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