To upgrade your current licence (Free Trial to Commercial or lower to higher Commercial) you need to purchase appropriate Commercial license. For help with finding an optimal license for you, complete this Get Quote form on our web site or get in touch with us at

After this, you should provide us with the Installation Code for your NetVizura server so we can issue you a license key.

To send us the Installation Code:

  1. Log in as admin
  2. Go to  > Settings > Control Panel > License
  3. Click Send to send us an automatically filled out e-mail with your Licence Details

After we receive the Licence Details, we will send you your license key in one working day. Note that you can apply the license key to your existing installation keeping your configuration and data.

To apply your License key:

  1. Go to  > Settings > Control Panel License
  2. Click Upload license key
  3. Find the path to the new License key
  4. Click Open

After the new license key is loaded a pop-up window will appear prompting you to reset NetVizura (log-out and log-in again). When you log-in again, verify that the new license has been applied by checking About or by going to  > Settings > Control Panel > License.

Should you experience any difficulties with application of your licence key, do not hesitate to email us at

If you are upgrading NetFlow Analyzer to a higher Commercial license, first you need to estimate how many flows you need. For more instruction go to How to estimate NetFlow Analyzer license

To prevent hardware mismatch issues, we recommend that you make all necessary changes to NetVizura server before applying license key.