NetFlow Analyzer license is based on the maximum flows per second limitation.

The best way to estimate number of flows needed for your Commercial license is to Download NetVizura Free Trial and check your actual data.

To do this:

  1. Log in as admin
  2. Go to Top N > System
  3. Click Flows tab
  4. Choose the Last Month in the Time Window

NetVizrua NetFlow Anaylzer - Estimating flow rate

While testing on Free Trial license, we recommend you to include export from all desired devices (as it should be on live production), so that you could correctly estimate fps baseline needed for Commercial license. 

In the Number of flows graph you will notice peaks in traffic. These peaks will tell when you had the highest rate of flows exported by your devices. 

Max Total stored value in the table will give you the maximum number of flows per second exported by your network devices (highest peak) for the selected Time Window. 

On Free Trial license, Unlicensed flows mean that your network exports more than 500 fps limit. You should take into consideration both Processed and Unlicensed flows for your Commercial license.

On Commercial license, Unlicensed flows mean that your network devices are exporting more flows than your current Commercial license allows.These flows will not be processed and, therefore, information provided by them will not be included when creating and displaying traffic statistics. In this case, you should upgrade your Commercial license.

When you choose the Commercial license, be sure to choose the one that has the flow per second limit reasonably higher than the maximum. This will ensure that you are able to analyse data peaks that correspond to traffic anomalies or security issues like Denial of Service Attack.


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