NetVizura needs dedicated server

Due to security reasons, make sure that your server or VM doesn't have anything installed on it before NetVizura installation. Other software of services running on the same server can impact installation.

NetVizura needs correct time

Before installing NetVizura make sure to set the time on your server correctly. Time change after the installation will invalidate the license!

NetVizura installation needs internet access

NetVizura requires working connection to the internet to install required dependent software. Once the installation is successfully conducted, you can turn off internet access for NetVizura server.

The following guide discusses installation of NetVizura from the ISO image.

netvizura-x.y.z-linux.iso is a modified installation of Ubuntu 20.04 Linux operating system. The ISO provides fast and easy way to install NetVizura and operating system on your virtual or hardware machine.

NetVizura.iso includes following software packages:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 iso;
  • various dependency packages: sudo, java, Tomcat8, postgresql10-server, Elasticsearch 7;
  • NetVizura latest deb installation package.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Download NetVizura ISO Image from NetVizura website and upload it to your hypervisor image repository (VMware, XEN, Proxmox...).

  • When you create VM do not select VM templates which refer to certain OS (select Other).
  • Attach netvizura-x.y.z-linux.iso on virtual CD controller and boot ISO straight from the virtual CD.
  • If Welcome screen (shown in the step below) appears during boot, then the installation is properly launched.

Step 2:  Select Install NetVizura Server

First screen shows the following options:

On this screen choose "Install NetVizura Server" option and press Enter. (The Installer will automatically select this if nothing is pressed in 5 seconds)

This will lead you to complete installation of NetVizura software with all necessary software dependency packages.

Step 3: Configure language

On the following "Select a language" screen you can set up the language for your system.

Step 4: Configure the keyboard

On the next 3 screens you should configure keyboard for the system.

Step 4a:  Network configuration

In case you didn't configure your machine with DHCP, this screen will follow you through few options for configuring network.

You can always configure network later from cmd line.

Step 5: Finish and restart

When the basic installation is complete, eject your installation media (cd-rom, flash, etc) and restart the machine

Step 6: Post installation

After OS installation, NetVizura autoinstall will automatically install .deb package and configure it. After that installation finishes (in the background), you will be greeted with black screen with link to your NetVizura Installation:

Hostname for you new machine is netvizura-demo,and credentials are demo for the username,and netvizura for password.

Step 6a: Additional network configuration

If in step 4a you chose not to configure network, or you just want to change ip address of NetVizura server, all you need to do is edit /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml file, with the following example:

Ubuntu network configuration


 version: 2



   dhcp4: no

   addresses: []



    addresses: [,]

Step 7: Verify installationNow you can go to NetVizura web interface http://<netvizura_server_ip>:8080/netvizura.

Default login credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin01

For example, if your server IP is then point your browser to like in the screenshot below:

NetVizura - Login Page

Post Install Steps

See Post install steps in article Linux Ubuntu Installation.

On this page:

  • Use Tab, arrows or Page Up/Down to move between options
  • Use Space to confirm the selection