This chapter explains the basic navigation in NetVizura to allow you to more quickly learn where is what in NetVizura.

All pages within NetVizura show a navigation bar spanning across the top of the screen. This Top level Navigation bar is always displayed independent to the Main Panel data. Main Panel shows dashboard and module specific data in view mode or Settings Panel in settings mode.

The Top navigation bar consists of the following options from left to right:

  1. Modules Menu - shows available modules and active module (highlighted in blue).
  2. User Menu - shows current user and allows access to My Account and Log-out options. 
  3. Settings Menu - link to Settings, Getting Started wizard, website Homepage and About information.


Module Menu shows all modules available to the logged in user. You can set which modules will be seen by each user in  > Settings > Control Panel > Users. (Read more in User Settings).

To choose a module simply click on the module name. Active module will be highlighted in blue.

On this page:

User Menu

User Menu shows currently logged in user (username and user type) and allows access to options Log Out:

My Account

Use My Account to manage your account information and change your password.

To manage your NetVizura account:

  1. Hover over User Menu (in the upper right corner, besides Settings)
  2. Select My Account
  3. Click Edit
  4. Update your password or contact information
  5. Click Save

Log Out

To log out from NetVizura, simply hover over User Menu and select Logout. 

Note that guest users (user type guest) can not change My Account settings since it is a shared account. For more information on user types, go to User Settings page.

Settings Menu

Settings Menu allows you to go to Settings mode, Getting Started wizard, website Homepage and view About information.


To access Settings hover over the Settings Menu () and click Settings option.

Settings is divided in two panels: Settings Options Panel to the left and Main Settings Panel in the centre of the screen. Settings Panel will show specific settings depending on the settings option selected.

Settings Options Panel shows the following group of options:

  1. Modules Settings - settings for each module
  2. Control Panel Settings - user, LDAP, SNMP policies, license, Email and report branding settings 
  3. Miscellaneous Settings - Time Window, date preferences and Display options


To configure NetVizura or its modules:

  1. Choose what you want to configure by selecting it Settings Options Panel
  2. Specify what exactly you want to configure by selecting a tab from Tab Panel 

Note that display options depend on the user type and permissions: Control Panel is only visible to NetVizura administrators (user type admin), module setting is only visible if the user has permission to see the module, editing module data is only possible if user has write privileges for the module etc.

For more information on user types, go to User Settings page.

About Information

To access About hover over the Settings Menu () and click About option.

About shows:

  • NetVizura product information: 
    • product name
    • product version
  • Additional information: 
    • website link 
    • support email
  • Legal information:
    • copyright information
    • list of used libraries
    • EULA