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This refers to all received flows on application level in order to filter unnecessary flows from processing.

NetFlow users can view and NetFlow administrator can add, edit, delete or reorder aggregator filters.

To configure aggregator filtering, go to  > Settings > NetFlow Settings > Aggregator Filtering tab.

You are able to accept or reject any traffic coming via:


      • Source IP
      • Destination IP
      • Source port
      • Destination port
  • Protocol
  • Exporter IP
  • Interface in
  • Interface out



NetVizura NetFlow Aggregator Filtering


Note that filters are executed in their order. Default filter is always applied last.

If you add filters, you can have two filter strategies:

  • Set default filter to reject all flows and create specific filters that explicitly accept certain flows
  • Set default filter to accept all flows and create specific filters that explicitly reject certain flows

If Exporter IP is part of filter condition and netflow exporter is configured with different IP address for exporting netflow packets, you will have to manually update the filter condition.


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