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Overview is the first page you see when you select a node (exporter, interface, traffic pattern, etc.). It provides a quick glance on the traffic trend, volume, key performance indicators and active alarms for the selected time window.

Traffic Trend

Main line chart shows traffic throughput trend whereas bottom right donut chart shows traffic volume.

Indicators below the main chart show traffic maximum, minimum, average and volume.

Alarm cards above main chart provide number of alarms by severity with quick links to Alarm module for further investigation.

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer - Traffic Trend

In the example above we see traffic overview for interface Fa1 (Link to ISP).

Main chart includes Out and In traffic throughput series clearly showing daily trend, peaks during working and valley during non-working hours. Donut chart shows total traffic volume of 51.6 GB and ~15/85 Out/In traffic proportion.

Out traffic moved from 0 to 6.1 Mbps, in average was 669 kbps and in volume was 47.1 GB.

In traffic moved from 0 to 101 Mbps, in average was 3.4 Mbps and in volume was 240 GB.

This link has 1 emergency and 18 alert alarms that are currently active.

On this page:

Traffic Comparison

In order for you to quickly spot if there were positive or negative deviations in traffic, you are able to compare current and previous time periods.

This way, you are able to see if sudden peaks are atypical or represent a regular oscillation (eg. daily, weekly, seasonally, etc.) or analyse long-term changes in the traffic trend (eg. link throughput) to improve your network capacity planning and to optimize its usage.

To activate comparison with previous period, simply click on the slide button(above the main chart, on the right):

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer Traffic Comparison

In our screenshot, we can see that one week is compared to the week before (July 3rd till 9th, with June 27th till July 2nd.)

What is immediately noticeable is that, besides the fact that link was down in the period from July 6th afternoon till July 7th midday, there was a sudden increase in the link out traffic on July 4th around noon.

Indicators show that, besides Min In and Out traffic of 0, Max Out traffic has jumped by more than 300% in the current period compared to the previous period (from 28 to 120 Mbps).

To achieve precise comparison, it is recommended that you select "full" periods (eg. last day, last week, last month) in the time window.

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