Throughput Chart

Throughput time chart enables you to see large number of parameters in an arbitrary time window. This is particularly suitable for viewing changes in the traffic over time, spotting traffic trends and anomalies: 

NetVizura NetFlow Throughput Chart

On the graph, positive part of the y-axis shows outbound (Out) traffic, while negative part of the y-axis shows inbound (In) traffic. Out traffic is traffic originated from the internal network to external network, while In traffic is traffic destined to the internal network from external network. 

The Top-talkers table below shows average and maximum values for In and Out traffic achieved during the given time window, as well as Total traffic in the selected measurement unit (bps, pps, fps) and as percentage of total traffic for each table entry.

Throughput Chart Types

Throughput chart can be seen as stacked area or stacked column chart. Area chart enables you to see the flow of traffic more smoothly, while column chart gives you the ability to view traffic by each sample.

To switch between the stacked area and column chart click the chart icon. This will give you a chart as shown in the screenshot below. Re-selecting the chart icon will give you the original chart type back.

NetVizura NetFlow Throughput Chart Types

Throughput Side Charts

To the right of the main chart with selected measurement, you can see also two other measurements:

NetVizura NetFlow Side Charts

This view helps you to quickly compare the number of flows and/or packets with their size in bytes, enabling you to recognize attacks.

Throughput Chart Zooming

You can zoom in and out of the Throughput chart. This enables you to quickly and more directly select the time window you are interested in (in comparison to the time Time Window).

To zoom in:

  1. Move the cursor over the chart (cursor will turn from arrow to hand)
  2. Position the mouse to the beginning of the time window you are interested in
  3. Press and hold the left mouse button
  4. Drag the cursor to the end of the time window you are interested in
  5. Release mouse button

NetVizura NetFlow Throughput Zoom-In

Chart and table are now showing the traffic for the time window you have just set.

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer - Throughput Zoom-Out

Time Window is in sync with zoom in and out meaning that zooming will set a new Time Window value. The Top-talkers table is adjusted to show traffic for the zoom time window. Zooming in also activates the zoom out icon (besides chart icon).
On this page:

Use stacked area chart for spotting trends and over-viewing the traffic (in large time windows).

Use stacked column chart when solving problems and when you need more inspection details on the sample level (in relatively small time windows).

A typical attack example is when you notice that a great number of flows or small packets have occurred in a short amount of time.

Volume Chart

Volume is a pie chart enabling you to easily visualize top-talker distribution in regard to total traffic and each other, for the given Time Window. 

NetVizura NetFlow Volume Chart

Top-talkers table will show total traffic volume values if Volume chart option is active. It will show values in the selected measurement unit (bytes, packets, flows) and as percentage of the total traffic for each table entry.

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