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Subnet Traffic

Subnet traffic shows traffic for the specific Subnet within the specific Traffic Pattern. 

To see traffic for a Subnet, go to TopN > Traffic Patterns > Subnets option, select the desired Traffic Pattern and then the desired Subnet.

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer - Subnet Traffic

The Navigation Tree in the Menu Panel shows Subnets of the selected Traffic Pattern, while Main Panel shows traffic for for the selected Subnet (throughput or volume, in bits, packets or flows). Clicking on any tab option will show traffic distribution by that category (e.g. clicking on the Host tab will give you top hosts for the selected Subnet).

Figure above shows distribution of Facebook Traffic for subnet by host. You can see that X.X.205.155 host was the major Facebook bandwidth consumer and that the most of the downloads (In traffic) occurred between 9 and 10 AM.


  1. Subnet will be listed under a Traffic Pattern only if its IP address range is a subset of the included IP address range in the Traffic Pattern Internal Network.
  2. Keep in mind that subnet traffic depends on the parent Traffic Pattern. Same subnet will have different traffic in different Traffic Patterns it belongs to since the traffic matched to each Traffic Pattern is different.
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Subnet Set Traffic

Subnet Set traffic shows how a specific Traffic Pattern is distributed by Subnet Sets.

To show a Traffic Pattern for the specific Subnet Set, go to TopN > Traffic Patterns > Subnet Sets option and select the desired Traffic Pattern and Subnet Set node of your interest.

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer - Subnet Set Traffic

The Navigation Tree in the Menu Panel shows Traffic Patterns and their Subnet Sets, while Main Panel shows traffic data (throughput or volume, in bits, packets or flows). 

Figure above shows AlphaCom All Traffic. The most of its traffic was made by its own Subnet Set US Offices.


Note that Subnets that do not belong to any Subnet Set will not show as child nodes of their respectful Traffic Pattern in Subnet Set view. Their contribution to traffic will be added to others category, since this view focuses on Subnet Sets instead of subnets.

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