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Distribution by services shows each service contribution to the specified traffic. It presents which services are mostly used, when they were used, and if there is any use of forbidden services (such as BitTorrent).

To view traffic distribution by services:

  1. Choose a section (Exporters, Traffic Patterns or End Users) in the Menu Panel
  2. Select desired node in the Node Tree
  3. Choose Service in the Tab panel


NetVizura NetFlow - Top talkers by Hosts

The screenshot above indicates that on Melburn interface belonging to Beijing Core Router top services consumed are MS-SQL, misrosoft-ds, HTTP-Proxy and netbios-ssn.

  • Services are applications identified by the TCP/UDP ports they use. To display the name of a service instead of its TCP/UDP port number, it is necessary to previously map the TCP/UDP ports with service’s names. See more at Configuring Service.
  • In some cases, VPN traffic can be forwarded through TCP port 443 thus services traffic (SSH, HTTP, etc.) will be masked as HTTPS.


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