To view SNMP Traps go to EventLog module and click SNMP Trap tab. Here you can see SNMP Trap messages sent from different exporters for a chosen Time Window. Up to 30 traps will be shown per  page. 

Data shown:

  • Date
  • Exporter
  • Trap OID
  • Trap details
  • Alarms

You can resolve OID and exporter IP names by clicking on the "Show names" button above Trap table, as shown in the screenshot below. Exporter names are resolved via names defined in Devices Table or DNS, and OID names are resolved by extracting data from the MIB modules.

Trap details column contains information about variable bindings for each trap message.

Hovering over any OID in Trap OID and Trap Details columns will display that OID's description in a tool-tip.

If OIDs are not resolved, add the corresponding MIB module for that OID in  > Settings > MIB Settings > Modules.