During your course of work with NetVizura, you might need to send reports to external parties (e.g. as an ISP you would like to schedule regular monthly Internet traffic emails to your clients). However, you would like these reports to maintain your brand's visual identity as a main monitoring service provider.

This is where branding customization is valuable, and administrator can view and edit the following:

  1. Logo image - your organizations logomark/logotype which is visible at the top-left of the report 
  2. Footer text - this can be a short description about who is providing the report and why
  3. Footer link - this can be a URL leading to your NetVizura web application or your company's website

We recommend that you use both logomark and logotype (or at least logotype) with minimum image margins in order to achieve maximum logo scale. This will ensure that logo is more visible and fit better to other report elements.

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