Distribution by protocols shows contribution of each protocol to the specific traffic. 

To view traffic distribution by protocol:

  1. Choose a section (Exporters, Traffic Patterns or End Users) in the Menu Panel
  2. Select desired node in the Node Tree 
  3. Choose Protocol in the Tab panel



NetVizura NetFlow - Top talkers by Protocols


Usually, most of traffic (around 90%) will belong to TCP and UDP network protocols. If protocols other than TCP and UDP have considerable traffic, this may be a sign of a security threat. Click on the name of the protocol in the table to isolate it (show traffic for that protocol only).
If you want to take a closer look at protocols other than TCP or UDP you can create a Traffic Pattern excluding TCP and UDP protocols. For more details on how to do this, see Fine-tuning a Traffic Pattern.

The screenshot above indicates that on the San Francisco exporter TCP and UDP are the main protocols. Other protocols with minor traffic are also presented.

  • NetVizura gives the possibility of viewing the traffic which is transferred over IP protocols (such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc.). All protocols are monitored and analyzed over a standardized protocol number used in IP packets and received from netflows.
  • In order to perform the network traffic analysis in a way that best suits your needs, you might need to define some protocols not included in NetVizura. To learn how to define new protocols, go to Configuring Protocol


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