When MIB module is selected the MIB main screen will show the following parts:

  1. Mode Panel - choose between the MIB and Device mode.
  2. Menu Panel - shows options available in the selected mode
  3. Tab Panel - tab contains the information on the OID requested and the device the SNMP Query was sent to. For each SNMP request a new tab will open.
  4. Main Panel - displays results of SNMP request and MIB search operations.

NetVizura MIB Navigation

On the screenshot above, you can see that MIB ifTable is selected in the MIB tree and that after SNMP request the Main Panel shows the ifTable with OID values for the currently selected device (cisco3550-xxx). In the Details it is visible that the ifTable OID is .

Navigating in MIB Mode

On this page:

MIB Browser is selected by default and it shows the MIB tree with its options for SNMP request and OID search.

MIB browser options:

  1. MIB Tree – shows the MIB Tree and corresponding options:
    a) searching the MIB tree for particular OID
    b) request a SNMP Query for particular MIB on the Current device
  2. Favorites – shows all user favorite OIDs (added from the MIB Tree)
  3. Details – shows OID details (name, description etc.) for the selected node in the MIB tree

Navigating in Device Mode

Device mode is used to set the Current device. Any SNMP request in the MIB tab will be sent to the Current device.

MIB Mode Navigation

Device mode is available only if Network module is included in NetVizura application.

On screenshot to the left you can see that the Current device is cisco-xyz. When you click on the Request in the MIB tab, SNMP Query command will be sent to this device.

Device Tab includes following options and information:

  1. Add instant device
  2. Current device
  3. List of devices in the application database
  4. List of instant devices

Devices added in the  > Settings > MIB Settings > Devices will show in the list of devices and will be always available.

Instant devices are user added devices that will not be saved in the database (the list will be cleared after logout). Instant devised are used if you want to quickly check an OID on a device but do not want the device to be stored for later use.

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