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Updating NetVizura requires internet access

NetVizura requires working connection to the internet to install required update. After update is successful you can turn off internet access for NetVizura server.

When you update NetVizura we strongly recommend performing the update in a test environment before updating your production site.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Check free space on disk with df -h command. If there is less than 8GB of free space on disk, delete some files to make at least 8GB available space on disk (easiest way is to delete old raw data files in archive which is usually located in /var/lib/netvizura/flow/archive)
  2. Download and run script that automates upgrade of prerequisite software:

    wget --output-document=/tmp/
    sudo bash /tmp/

    (info) If presented with the dialog about Tomcat configuration files being upgraded choose answer "Keep localy installed version", which is the default. Press Enter to proceed.

  3. Download the update package (assumed filename is netvizura-x.y.z-linux.deb) to NetVizura server's /tmp directory and perform the update
    (info) x.y.z is NetVizura version number

    sudo dpkg -i /tmp/netvizura-x.y.z-linux.deb
  4. Optional: Install Elasticsearch

    wget --output-document=/tmp/
    sudo bash /tmp/

    To learn more about why this is an optional step at the moment read Why is Elasticsearch currently just an option?

  5. Refresh your browser (Ctrl + F5) 

  6. Check update is successful: http://<netvizura_server_ip>:8080/netvizura/#settings:license


  1. NetVizura might not work properly if updated from more older versions. We kindly urge you to first successively update it to previous version, and then to current version.
  2. NetVizura will not work if update is made after support period has expired. Make sure that your support has not expired before you start updating.
  3. It is not possible to update NetVizura on free trial. If you want to extend your assessment for one additional month, please request a new free trial license.