Distribution of traffic by interfaces is available for All Exporters and Exporter nodes only. It shows how network traffic is distributed to its interfaces and which interfaces are top bandwidth consumers. This is useful if you want to look into how much traffic has passed through specific interface (in total, In and Out directions).

To view exporter traffic distribution by interfaces:

  1. Select All Exporters or specific exporter node in the the Menu Panel
  2. Select Interface tab in the Tab Panel

Main Panel shows throughput or volume chart and table statistics for bits, packets or flows for the selected Time Window. Note that top talkers for bits, packets and flows can differ (e.g. a top talker by flows may not be a top talker by bits).

NetVizura NetFlow Exporter by Interface

Screenshot above gives an example of exporter traffic distribution by interface for the exporter named New York Core router. From six interfaces of the New York Core router, the top talkers by bits are: New Orleans, Miami and Boston interfaces. You can also see that more than 90% of all traffic passing through the New York Core router passes through these three interfaces.

Typing of exporter's name or the part of the name within a search tool could significantly shorten the search time, especially if you have a lot of exporters. Search tool is at upper right corner of the All Exporters tab.
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