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NetFlow Analyzer can show the traffic between two autonomous systems. This can be done by obtaining the information about Src AS and Dst AS from the netflow data. In order to make this possible, the network device that is exporting netflow data (Exporter) must have a full BGP table. This is because the network communication between autonomous systems is done via BGP network protocol, and, therefore, information about Src and Dst AS are known through BGP.

Distribution by AS shows specific traffic by autonomous systems. It allows comparison of the AS traffic volume, watching trends and level of AS traffic in use (for example, when the traffic towards Facebook is at the highest level), and monitoring if employees generate forbidden traffic (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). 

To view traffic distribution by AS:

  1. Choose a section (Exporters, Traffic Patterns or End Users) in the Menu Panel
  2. Select desired node in the Node Tree
  3. Choose AS in the Tab panel



Besides that, if you hover over some AS, you can see Whois information about the hovered AS that significantly saves time, improves readability of the statistics and increases overall contextual awareness.

  • Autonomous system (AS) is a network or group of networks under unique administrative control. Every AS has its autonomous system number (ASN), which is globally unique. This makes an ASN an AS ID.
  • To learn more on how to configure Autonomous systems, see Configuring AS.

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