Distribution by QoS shows specific traffic in the terms of service quality. This is interesting in particular to companies that provide a QoS based service or use such services themselves.

To view traffic distribution by QoS:

  1. Choose a section (Exporters, Traffic Patterns or End Users) in the Menu Panel 
  2. Select desired node in the Node Tree
  3. Choose QoS in the Tab panel

NetVizura NetFlow - Top talkers by QoS

The screenshot above indicates two main QoS used on the New York's router's St. Louis interface - Default and CS6. It is also noted that at 12h when major increase of Default traffic occurred, CS6 traffic simultaneously experienced a significant drop.

  • Quality of Service is used for prioritization of critical applications and/or network users (transferring data across the network is prioritized).  You can think of these demands as tolerance a certain application or protocol has towards the amount of data loss (packet dropping), delay, jitter... E.g. providing low-latency voice or streaming media, while providing simple best-effort for web traffic or file transfers.
  • QoS was initially implemented via ToS and Precedence (IP Prec) 3-bit field, and now via Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) 6-bit field and Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) 2-bit field. Read more about Configuring DSCP.